Christmas, Christmas in Paris

5 Christmas Books to Inspire Wanderlust

There are travel books and then there are Christmas books. These five recommendations combine the two!

I dare you to read these selections and not want to book a ticket to the Cornish Isles, Paris, London, or the Greek Isles. Christmas cheer AND wanderlust are plentiful in these light romantic comedy reads.

Put on your yoga pants, get your beverage of choice, find a comfy chair, and dig in to some fun holiday reading.

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Christmas at the Cupcake Café – Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan has written several Christmas-themed novels as part of a different series. This is a sequel to Meet Me at the Cupcake Café. You don’t need to read book one in order to read Christmas at the Cupcake Café. She does a really nice job of weaving in everything you need to know about the characters from book one.

The book follows Issy Randall’s daily life as an owner of a cupcake café in London as she struggles to make everybody else happy. She’s an endearing and funny Bridget Jones-like character. Her bakery staff and customers, boyfriend and his little brother, and estranged mom round out the list of great characters. The storytelling brings you right into the café—I can picture the display case of cupcakes, the festive decorations, and the cold London streets during winter.

The other Jenny Colgan Christmas books include:

Christmas at Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop

The Christmas Surprise

Christmas at the Little Beech Street Bakery

Christmas on the Island

The Parisian Christmas Bake Off – Jenny Oliver

Paris. Christmas. Patisserie school at the famed Ritz Carlton. I love it.

Rich in descriptions of how to bake macarons, profiteroles, and other French pastries, this book is a must-read for baking enthusiasts. The physical and emotional turmoil of the famed culinary school is wrapped around the heroine’s, Rachel Smithson’s, self-discovery. Of course, there is a handsome French chef with a bad attitude and the apprentice-baker alone at Christmas. While the plot line is simple and predictable, Christmastime in Paris and attending the Escoffier Patisserie School comes alive in Jenny Oliver’s storytelling in The Parisian Christmas Bake-Off. Again, if you love Paris and love baking, read it.

Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles – Phillipa Ashley

Before reading Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles, I was not aware that the Cornish Isles existed. After reading this book, I will definitely make sure to include a stop-over here as part of a bigger upcoming trip to England. Besides the main story of dealing with loss and finding new love, Phillipa Ashley also paints a very vivid picture of the isles natural setting and the constant struggle to preserve it from development.

The main story follows Maisie Sampson as she ends a relationship, loses her job, is forced to sell her home, and returns home to live with her parents over the holidays. Once back on the Cornish Isles, she learns that going back is the best thing she could do to go forward in her life.  

Christmas on the Cornish Isles is book one of a three-book series. The other two books are:

Spring on the Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm

Summer on the Little Cornish Isles: The Starfish Studio

One Christmas in Paris – Mandy Baggot

One Christmas in Paris is a typical romance novel, which I don’t normally read. However, this was laugh-out loud funny. Two English friends (Ava and Debs) go to Paris for Christmas to shop and eat their way out of recent heartbreaks. Ava meets a hot French photographer (Julien) who whisks her around the streets of Paris on the back of his moped. Of course, Ava’s cheating ex has now decided that he can’t live without her. Debs attempts to spoil all of his efforts to get in contact and is squarely on team Julien. But does Julien harbor deep secrets from his past? Yes, my friends, he most certainly does. Read One Christmas in Paris for its indulgent descriptions of eating and shopping your way through Paris.

The Little Christmas Kitchen – Jenny Oliver

Another Jenny Oliver book. I have fallen in love with her writing.

In the Little Christmas Kitchen, we travel to the Greek island of Corfu and the swanky-side of London. When Ella’s and Maddy’s parents divorced during their childhood, Ella lived the life of luxury in London with her dad while her sister moved to a tiny village on Corfu with their mother. Now adults, Ella heads to Corfu when she’s had it with her high-stress London life. Maddy longs to escape quiet village life and takes up Ella’s offer to stay at her London penthouse apartment. Family drama ensues while both women discover the secrets to happiness. The comfort of Greek food is at the center of the story. Expect to make dinner reservations at your local Greek restaurant while reading The Little Christmas Kitchen.

Beautiful locations. Cheating exes. Hot new guys. Family drama. Food…lots of mouthwatering food. That’s the basis for these five fun holiday-themed books that inspire wanderlust.

Let me know what you think or if you have other recommendations.

Happy reading!

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