What is Wellness Travel?

Wellness travel to me is centered around active adventures such as running, hiking, biking, or kayaking. It also includes enjoying local, authentic, fresh foods typical of the destination. It is experiencing a place as an opportunity to learn and grow. We engage in becoming “well” as an emotional, physical, and/or mental challenge to better ourselves.

Wellness travelers want beautiful locations, healthy food, and physical challenges. Testing the limits, wanting to prove something, and feeling the need to pursue health and wellness is how I personally define wellness travel.

What to Expect on this Blog

This blog highlights options for active adventures and local foods at destinations across the globe with a special emphasis on my home state of Florida. You can expect to see:

  • Our adventure travel itineraries–what we did, where we ate, where we stayed. It will always be an authentic local experience and not a mass tourist package.
  • Details on race-cations including race reports and travel details for the host city. We run races across the globe and in all 50 states.
  • Packing lists and training information for multi-day hiking treks and long distance runs. You can find resources and tips to plan your own adventure.
  • Food! Details on farmers markets, grocers, and local restaurants.
  • Books! Though not necessarily directly tied to wellness experiences, books are very important to both of us and I have an uncanny ability to find a literary reference for just about any destination along with an independent bookseller.

Hopefully you will also find inspiration for your own wellness travel journeys.

What Inspired Wellness Travel Journeys

Dublin, Ireland

I found a travel partner, fellow book lover, adventurer, and unconditional supporter of my goals when I met my husband, Wesley. 

Our adventure started over 11 years ago under a canopy of oak trees on a crisp fall day. Early in our relationship, we would go on walks near our home and talk about our workday, goals, and future travel dreams. Seminole County, where we live in Florida, has numerous walking trails. One day we saw a sign stating that our county and Cross-Seminole Trail was a “sister” to County Wicklow and the Wicklow Way in Ireland. 

That evening we researched the Wicklow Way—a 130 km (81 miles) trail starting south of Dublin, traversing the Wicklow Mountains, and ending in the village of Clonegal. We learned that the trail is set up as a 5-7 day hiking trip with sporadic access to Bed & Breakfast establishments after a good day’s walk. 

We had no prior experience as multi-day hikers, but we instantly booked our trip. We have since completed several other long-distance routes as both hikers and runners with plans for more!

In 2018, I decided to take a leap of faith with Wesley’s support and encouragement and started my own communications company to explore a longstanding dream of writing for a living. I began with a few freelance copywriting projects and will soon grow the company to include a book, online courses, and coaching services. 

I started this wellness travel blog to share our adventures and provide helpful resources so you too can plan and make big dreams happen. I hope to inspire others to get off the well-trodden tourist path and explore local, authentic experiences. 

Try something new. 

Challenge yourself mentally and physically. 

Sign up for a race in a new destination. 

I promise you won’t regret it!

Cheers to many happy miles, wellness, and adventures!