Portofino, Italy

Rest and Relaxation in Portofino, Italy

There may well be no place more perfect than Portofino, nestled in a tucked away harbor on the Italian Riviera. A fishing village of less than 500 full-time residents, it also serves as a stopping point for many of the world’s most expensive mega-yachts. This combination provides delicious fresh seafood alongside beautiful designer shops and a well-stocked gourmet market.

Portofino Harbor

The harbor and its adjoining square is the focal point of everything in Portofino. In the early morning the fishing boats come in with their fresh catch and by late afternoon the yachts anchor for the night.

Where to Eat

There are a few designer shops, an early morning fresh market, and many outdoor cafes to sip an Italian espresso or a local wine.

The village bakery, Panificio Canale, sells phenomenal focaccia bread. This regional specialty is enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, snacking, and served in restaurants alongside meals. It is available in a variety of flavors and toppings but the traditional rosemary and sea salt is my favorite. 

Portofino, Italy

Nearby is a small gourmet market, Enogastronomia Ardito. It has a decent selection of wine, liqueurs, and beer along with cheeses, deli selections, and fresh produce. Between the bakery and the market we had a wonderful selection for breakfast and snacks.

Abundant Walking Paths

If you wander a bit further away from the harbor, there are numerous walking paths through the hills. Some paths are paved and some are a true hiking experience. The entire area, including the sea, is protected as a regional park. You can walk approximately 3 miles on the sidewalk to Santa Margherita to experience a larger, livelier coastal town.

Portofino, Italy

We chose to walk out to the Portofino Lighthouse. Along the way we passed Chiesa San Giorgio and Castello Brown Castle. Lighthouse is at the tip of the peninsula. This path also leads you to the local beach. The views are spectacular!

Portofino, Italy
Portofino, Italy
Portofino, Italy Lighthouse
Portofino, Italy

Enjoying the Good Life

Life in Portofino is meant for wandering and enjoying the surroundings. It’s humble beginnings as a fishing village have been preserved while also being an exclusive modern destination. The natural beauty of the harbor combined with the colorful village architecture is absolute perfection!

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