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I am a professional wellness travel writer, blogger, and copywriter who hopes to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle full of adventures. Wellness Travel Journeys is my story about exploring the world by foot, health and wellness traditions, and food culture with literary history thrown in.

My travel interests and experiences are broad. I was a corporate business traveler for 20 years and have spent decades traveling the world for personal pleasure. I understand that different experiences and budgets evoke different emotions, but everyone wants to satisfy that adventurous spirit in their own way. 

My expertise and passion for wellness-related travel and writing can help your business:

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve lives

If you’re a wellness travel brand who needs help with providing a clear written message to reach a larger audience of potential customers, my expert writing services can help you.

I am available for one-time projects or retainer opportunities such as:

  • Travel writing for publication
  • Blogging for your site
  • Social media strategy for your business
  • Professional copywriting services

My Areas of Specialty

  • Local, domestic, or international 
  • Mid-range to luxury accommodations
  • Running, walking/hiking, yoga, or other active wellness experiences 
  • Retreats, packages, or self-catered travel
  • Spas and health-conscious travel
  • Active couples travel
  • Local, authentic cooking classes or food tours  

How I Can Help You

Travel Writing

As an experienced writer and traveler, I can create these types of copy for your needs:

  • Articles
  • Travelogues
  • Destination Guides
  • Destination, Product, or Brand Reviews
  • Itineraries
  • Newsletters

Blog & Social Media Content

A travel blog and associated social media platforms can give your brand or business a unique advantage over the competition. 

  • Create a personality to go along with your product. 
  • Increase your visibility as wide as the imagination. 
  • Engage your existing customers to insure repeat business. 
  • Demonstrate to potential customers that you are the best choice to make their travel dreams come true. 

I create informative, fun, and vibrant blog and social media stories, tips, trends, and travel news to inspire your readers, grow your brand awareness, and increase your revenue


B2B and B2C writing services for wellness brands focused on improving lives by promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

My clients range from domestic and international wellness brands in the start-up phase to international market leaders. To learn more, please see my copywriting company web site at

My areas of expertise include:

  • Web Site Content
  • Email Marketing Copy
  • Advertorials, Newsletters, & Brochures
  • eCommerce Copy
  • Direct response sales letters

Why Hire Me as Your Writer of Choice?

Your customers want to believe that the product or service you’re providing is the ideal solution to a healthy and happy life. 


  • How do you get your product or service in the hands of your dream customer?
  • How do you stand out in a very crowded wellness market?
  • What puts one product or service in the hands of millions, while other products sit unsold?
  • What is the secret weapon?

Persuasive copy.

Quality copy.

The kind of copy that appeals to emotions and inspires action. 

Action towards a healthier and active life.

I live it and write it. 

That passion shows in my copy.

Interested in Collaborating?

Contact me today with your writing needs and we can discuss. 

My rates are competitively priced on a per project basis. I will provide you with a fair quote specific to your project needs. 

No risk.  No obligation.